Friday, December 7, 2012

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Up next: solving the actual NHL lockout and the fiscal steep ledge.
''He's a unifying figure in the community,'' appropriate guard Chris Chester said. ''I might need to bring him to my son's T-ball games.''
Seriously, Griffin can seem to be to do no wrong these days. Even Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan, who is hardly the easiest guy to impress, confesses to being mightily in awe of Griffin's charisma.
''He kind of surprises myself in almost every situation, on how well he handles themselves and how well he conveys,'' Shanahan said. ''I wish I could communicate like this. I'm going to have him talk to the group - in fact, I have the past couple of weeks.''
Griffin has led the particular Redskins (6-6) on a three-game winning streak containing Washington and closing in upon first place in the NFC Far east heading into Sunday's matchup contrary to the Baltimore Ravens. He broke Cam Newton's National football league single-season rushing record for meters rushing by a rookie qb during Monday night's 17-16 win over the New York Giants, hence prompting the Hall in order to request his cleats as well as dirt-stained No. 10 jersey.
''Everyone desires to be in the Hall of Fame,'' Griffin said, ''so we're in that room. But I've got a long job, preferably, and this is only the initial step. It's an honor to have our jersey and cleats, even though they're very dirty, from the Hall of Fame.''Jerseys NFL,Cheap Jerseys,Uniforms Jerseys,NFL Store
Nevertheless, by now, everyone knows Griffin is more as compared to numbers. He practically upstaged your Heat-Wizards game when he took their front-row seat to roars from the crowd in the first quarter. Affirmed, a Washington team which had won only one game earlier all season stunned the reigning NBA champions.
''What is it possible to say? Those guys are the type who played. I didn't have fun playing the game,'' Griffin said. ''Even Coach stated I can't go over there scrubbing off, using all my miracle on those guys when we need it for us.''
Such consideration can be overwhelming for most 22-year-olds, yet Griffin can handle it.Jerseys NFL,Cheap Jerseys,Uniforms Jerseys,NFL Store
''It's humbling to have the followers, whether it's football fans, hockey fans, chanting or cheering for you personally,'' Griffin said. ''It means you're really carrying out something for the city.''
Consequently, cornerback DeAngelo Hall was asked, perhaps there is anything Griffin can't do?Jerseys NFL,Cheap Jerseys,Uniforms Jerseys,NFL Store
''Beat us in the 40,'' said Area, a brave statement thinking about Griffin was a college hurdles success. ''Don't tell him that, though. They have young legs, so he may think he can get me personally.''
''The kid's special,'' Hall extra. ''He's on the verge of being a rock legend. We used to travel with Mike Vick when I was in The atlanta area, and it was definitely a new rock-star-type atmosphere wherever he gone. And RG is having that same form of following.Jerseys NFL,Cheap Jerseys,Uniforms Jerseys,NFL Store
''When we were in Texas, we saw people who had in Redskins gear and jerseys, along with asked them, 'You all Redskins fans?' 'Nah.' 'You hate the actual Cowboys?' 'Nah. Just love RG.I 'All right. We'll take it.A
''And that's kind of how it's recently been. Guys might not like the Redskins, nonetheless they love him. They enjoy him personally. ... Or just much like the excitement he brings to the overall game. People like him. Supporters like him. And we have been getting that reciprocating effect so far as Redskins teammates being able to get - wherever many of us go, whatever city all of us go to - people in the stands cheering for us. No matter whether they're cheering his brand or cheering for us generally speaking, he has that following.''

Most cases of domestic violence are never reported to the police

One in four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. An estimated 1.3 million women are victims of physical assault by a partner each year. Women between the ages of 20-24 are at the greatest risk of nonfatal partner violence. Most cases of domestic violence are never reported to the police.
We're all about statistics in sports. Life too, for that matter. These stats from the U.S. government and other agencies don't get as much attention as, say, quarterback ratings or yards per carry.Jerseys NFL,Cheap Jerseys,Uniforms Jerseys,NFL Store
Perhaps that will always be the case.
Then again, perhaps not.
The National Football League has been given a great opportunity this week. A tragedy of immense national importance has occurred within its midst, the murder of a young mother by her football-playing boyfriend, followed by his suicide in the parking lot of the facility where he practiced for four years as a member of the Kansas City Chiefs.
Despite the intense focus on this murder-suicide, incidents such as these are not just the NFL's problem, of course. But the NFL could become a big part of their solution.
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Whether the Chiefs' home game the next day against the Carolina Panthers should have been played is now a moot point, because it was. In those early hours after the tragedy, though, the NFL exhibited a sensibility that should give it a road map for how to move ahead on domestic violence awareness and prevention in the months and years ahead.
There was a moment of silence at Arrowhead Stadium before the game on Sunday, but it wasn't for Jovan Belcher, the man who murdered the mother of his 3-month-old daughter, Zoey. It was for the mother, 22-year-old Kasandra Perkins, and every other victim of domestic violence.
While the Chiefs did create a memorial of sorts by hanging Belcher's jersey in his empty locker, his teammates did not wear the now-customary patches on their jerseys or decals on their helmets in memory of Belcher. There clearly was no reason to give such an honor to a murderer.
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That was a good start, but now it's time for the NFL to do more, much more. We have become quite familiar with the league's color scheme in October. It's a whole lot of pink, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Love it or hate it, you notice it, and that's the point.
October is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The color for that is purple. Next season, in October, a week shouldn't go by without some teams appearing trimmed in purple, while others are decked out in the usual pink.
It might sound trivial, all this pink and purple splashed around the league, but it clearly makes a statement that this matters to the powers that be in our national pastime, which is football. Nothing reaches the nation's young male demographic, the exact audience that is so vital to stopping domestic violence, like the NFL. There should be public-service announcements, significant community outreach and corporate partnerships that benefit victims of domestic violence. NFL games are the ideal vehicle to finally begin a serious, long-term, national conversation on this issue.
What's more, the league has reported for years that 40% of its fan base is female. It's not only the right thing for the league to be awash in pink, it's also the smart thing. The same goes for the issue of domestic violence and all that purple that should be forthcoming.
"Breast cancer is a huge issue and we would never want to take away awareness for that," Rita Smith, executive director of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, said in a phone interview Wednesday. "But domestic violence actually affects more women in this country."
In response to an e-mail she sent to the NFL after the Kansas City tragedy, Smith has heard back from the league indicating interest in discussing "possible educational opportunity."
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For that, she is heartened. There would be no better partner for her cause.
"The amount of influence the NFL can have on the way people think would be very significant," she said. "It would be great to identify certain players who are really good role models, good members of their communities, good family men, and have them speak out to start to influence people's attitudes in stopping domestic violence."
The league already counsels its players in mandatory sessions on all kinds of issues, including domestic violence. It has given money to charities involved with the cause. One of its players, Eli Manning, appeared in a White House video on dating violence.
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That's all well and good, but it's not enough. This is an issue that's screaming out for the league's serious attention. It's well past time that it received it.